San Xavier Allottees Association News

Job Announcement October 6th, 2017

The SXAA has job opening for an Accounting Clerk. Click here to download the job descriptions and application forms. We will be offering benefits for these positions.


Sonoran Corridor Public Scoping Meetings being held Thursday, June 22 at 6pm, and a presentation at Saturday, June 24 at 9am at SXD Community Meeting both at San Xavier District Council Chambers.

The San Xavier District received the notice below from the (FHWA) Federal Highway Administration & ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) regarding two upcoming Sonoran Corridor Public Scoping Meetings to be held on June 7 & 8 in Tucson & Sahuarita which are open to the General Public. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings. In addition, the San Xavier District has requested, and FHWA & ADOT has accepted, to also hold two Sonoran Corridor Public Scoping Meetings here on the San Xavier District for our Community members, Allottees, San Xavier Allottee Association, etc. on Thursday, June 22 at 6pm at a stand-alone meeting, and a presentation at Saturday, June 24 at the 9am Community Meeting. If you have any questions on this, you may also contact SXD Principal Planner, Mark Pugh, at 573-4076.


Announcement from the San Xavier Allottees Association


a) The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has set November 27, 2017 as the final deadline for any Class Member, or their heirs to submit documents in order to receive Cobell payments.

b) Below is a list of Tohono O’odham Class Members, whose names are on the Cobell List of Whereabouts Unknown because there is no current address listed for them. If your name, or your family member/s names appears on the list, you can call the Cobell Claims Administrator at 1-800-961-6109, who can then assist you in filing a claim.

You can also see the list of names on the Cobell website,

c) But before you call the Claims Administrator, you will need to know your Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account number, or your family member’s IIM account number. You can call the IIM Office at the Sells Papago Agency at 520-383-3281, or 520-383-3205, to get the account number.

d) If you are the parent, son, daughter, or grandchild to the person listed on the Whereabouts Unknown, who has passed on, you will need to submit their death certificate, their birth date and their IIM account number, and other documents needed by the Cobell Claims Administrator. 

Click here for the Cobell list.


Allottees Semi-Annual Meeting

The SXAA Semi-annual meeting will be held Saturday, July 22, 2017 at the Desert Diamond Casino and Hotel located at Old Nogales Highway and Los Reales Rd. Notices and agenda will be forthcoming. Click here for Desert Diamond Casino Hotel Reservations info. Click here for Agenda.

Notice of a Short-Time Lease for Reclamation and the San Xavier Cooperative Association

Click on link to get info: Short-Time Lease


ADOT Interstate 11 Corridor Tier

At the San Xavier District Community Meeting held on April 9, 2016, Jay P. Van Echo, Project Manager, ADOT and John Moffatt, Strategic Planning Director, Pima County Government did a presentation on the proposed Interstate 11, which in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and regional planning agencies, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has launched a three-year environmental study (see attached Fact Sheet and Study Process and Schedule) to select a corridor alternative for Interstate 11 (I-11) between Nogales and Wickenburg. The corridor study area is 280 miles long and traverses four counties – Maricopa, Pinal, Pima and Santa Cruz, and is anywhere between five and 50 miles wide. The purpose of the study will be to identify a selected corridor alternative within this area. The alternative for consideration in the environmental impact study is a “Concept Only” and there has been No decision made. Routes for consideration will be determined by ADOT. Interstate 11 (I-11) may or may not be constructed through the San Xavier District, however what we do know is that it will be constructed in the future. For more informationcall 1-844-544-8049, view the ADOT Fact Sheet, send email or visit their website:

San Xavier Cooperative Association (SXCA) Farm:

During the Annual SXCA meeting which was held on Saturday, Oct. 31st an update was given on the status of the current lease and the expansion of the farm. Stan Webb (BIA) and Andrew Ashby (BOR) were both in attendance to answer any questions that the Allottee(s) may have had. The SXCA Board of Directors and management gave an update on the current activities at the farm and the status/process on the expansion of the farm.

The analysis/study on the expansion of the farm that was conducted by George Ciaro Engineering has been provide to the BIA and BOR and at which time BIA will do an appraisal on the expansion portion of the land. Once the appraisal is complete the SXCA Board of Directors and management will conduct a meeting with the landowners within the Coop Farm and provide them with a drafted lease proposal of the current lease and the expansion portion of the farm.