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San Xavier Coop Farm

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U of A Indigenous Law & Policy

Cobell Website

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Accounting Clerk:
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BIA Sells-Papago Agency Contact Phone Numbers

The Papago Agency number is (520)383-3286
Probate Office may be contacted at (520)383-3339, Fax (520)383-2929
The OST Office number is (520)383-3281, Fax (520) 383-3215
The Realty Office number is (520)383-3336


Executive Director

Mitzi F. Galvez


Cell: 520.993.3641

Interim Administrative Assistant

Pearlita Lopez


Cell: 520.993.3643

Community Liaison

Stacy Hernandez


Cell: 520.993.6352

Receptionist II

Geraldine Antone (Geri)